Sunday, 26 August 2012

The flip side of the coin..... or...... an unforgettable experience

I met a man.

Let me explain.....

I'm off on business right now, in a beautiful city in Canada, and as I already have some gay and trans connections here, I decided not to hold back and spend as much time as myself as I can. Up at 5.45, working by 7, work 12 or 13 hours a day, and each night I go through my little transformation and head out to wander, shop, and just enjoy life and the city.

In my explorations, I wandered into a cute little store (tourist trap as it turns out to be, lol), and like in most stores, I chat a bit with the girls working there, but this time it was different. The gorgeous young woman and her rockin friend who served me were so sweet and cheery (not to mention a touch inquisitive about my trans-ness, but in a very respectful and cool way) that I ended up spending more time getting to know them than I did actually shopping!.

While I was chatting with Donna*, she let slip that she had gone through a 'boy' phase, in which she felt like she was trans, but the way that she talked about it, she really made it seem like one of "those" phases that all teenagers go through.. did I mention these lovely ladies are the ripe old age of 19/20?, eep!, thats ok, they made me feel young again, lol. It stuck in my head, and I told Becca about it that night, that the super sweet store manager may actually be a trans man, and how cool would it be if she actually turned out to be so one day.

I wandered into the store the next night as well to say hi, and to get a refresher on how to arrange the loops on the top I had bought the night before (I swear, some of these tops are more complicated than tie's, and I've never been able to tie a tie), and again we ended up chatting away like old friends for half an hour, never even got to try anything on, so they made me promise to come back soon so they could "dress me up", and boy did they ever, I have so many new amazing outfits now, lol!.

Earlier today, I got off work early (yup, working on a Saturday), and before switching over to Dawn for the rest of the day, I went out to grab some food. While I was wandering, I passed by the store again (its a small place I'm working in), and wouldn't you know it, Donna is chatting with Elody* near the front door. I call out her name, and recognizing my voice she whips her head around, and pauses, curious look on her face, quickly followed by what I can only describe as surprise (but in a good way!) as she puts two and two together. She grabs Elody and they both rush out to greet me, in awe at how different I look between my two sides, how feminine I can become with just some makeup and padding (oh, and a wig). We sit down to have a smoke and chat some more, and Donna tells me more about herself, and that no, the trans wasn't just a teenage phase, its something she's still going through right now, something she is dealing with daily, thinking of it all the time, etc etc etc....

Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Immediately I felt closer to the two of them, I didn't feel out of place presenting as a boy, and it just spurned more interesting conversation. Anyway, to make a long story slightly less long, I got my lunch, switched over to Dawn, shopped (im done for this trip, I promise) and of course ended up back in the store where they dressed me up, throwing piece after piece at me, and everything they chose looked amazing (four new dresses, bloody hell). While we were doing this, which I should mention took about 2 hours, we spent just as much time chatting as I did trying stuff on, more even. We all shared lots of interesting, and very personal things, and once again alot of the conversation geared towards Teh Trans, and I realized that hey, this is a trans man standing in front of me, wearing her female armor, the same way that I wore my male armor for decades.

Guess what happened?

The more we talked, the more I saw the boy in her, her male side was coming out. She seemed excited to meet a fellow traveler, but at the same time she seemed more relaxed, she was a fairly twitchy girl I must say (but with love!, lol). Not really wanting the evening, or the conversation to end, I invited them both out for drinks, and I mentioned that why doesn't Donna go out as a boy, as Don (as his name turned out to be)?. I told her there were some trans men that I had seen / met at my local haunt (she had never knowingly met anyone like herself), and that it would be good for her to get out there and meet some similar people. After a bit of toe shuffling, she agreed, we burned out the rest of her shift (in more ways than one, lolol), and headed back to my hotel room where she borrowed the last of my boy clothes that are relatively clean (hey, what man cares about that eh?) and before Elody and I knew it, Don was standing there. It really was amazing, a bit of binding, some looser pants and a sweater, and bang, a very attractive trans man was with us who was lucky enough to have two lovely ladies on his arms ;)

We headed out, had a drink at the quiet place, then went dancing and drinking at the local gay club. We met a few interesting people, and one of the sexiest british bar-tenders I've ever met (thanks whoever you were for an amazing time!), chitchatted and danced the night away. I made her feel like a man on the dance floor, and she made me feel like a woman, got quite drunk, had lots of personal and incredibly touching conversations, and well, I just feel like a million bucks right now, I'm sitting in my hotel room, and they should be home by now, and..... I helped a younger trans person come out of his shell, and I gotta say, there isn't a much better feeling than that. Remember the twitchyness I had mentioned?, at the club he was chill, he was relaxed, and like he told me, he hadn't felt that comfortable in his own skin since forever.

Don, and Elody as well, I love you both. If I never see you again, and I know I will, a hundred percent guaranteed that I will see you again (even after I go home on Wednesday, I know I'll see them again), but if I don't, you'll both always have a place in my heart.

Thank you for an unforgettable experience

*as usual, names are modified but will remain consistent

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